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Some before and after shots...

Carport before 1.jpeg
Carport cleaned up 1.jpeg

What you can't see here is the hottub that used to be in the back left corner of the carport. Now the owner is actually parking his cars under this canopy. Owner is happy - neighbours are even happier!


This isn't even an example of pressure washing. The paved area shown here was just scraped and swept for a safer walking experience. Boss is happy - emplyees are even happier - and safer!

Stucco Algae.jpg
Stucco ready for paint.jpg

This is an example of pressure washing and what it can do. The stucco is now ready to paint, but is almost nice enough to be left as is.

Junk Pile 1 before.jpg
Junk Pile 3 cleaned up.jpg

Yup, that's a lot of junk! Get your walkway back, including the area in the back between the garage and the fence. Owner is happy... neighbour is even happier!

Lions Bay before.jpeg
Lions Bay cleaned up.jpeg

Renovation is complete, now let's get your driveway back! 

Duthie Carport Before 2.JPG
Duthie Carport Cleared out 1.JPG

This carport was full of stuff - even more than is shown here. Now the house is ready to be sold! Owner is happy - Realtor is even happier!

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