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We know you have a lot of options when it comes to junk removal services. Here's why Trailer Trash Junk Removal is your best option:

  • Very competitive rates - typically 30% less than the big "1-800" companies;

  • Fast response to phone or text messages - calls answered in 3 rings or texts answered in less than 3 minutes!

  • Flexible pickup hours - evenings, weekends, stat holidays, whenever!

  • Minimizing environmental impact - we donate or recycle as much as possible;

  • Friendly, professional service - zero complaints on BBB - top rated on Google

No job too big or too small. Emergency service available when YOU need it! Same day pickup if you call in the morning!

Free estimates via text and/or email - just send us pictures of your junk and we'll give you a competitive quote!

We’ve gone as far as Whistler and the Sunshine Coast, the Gulf Islands or even Trail, BC, so don’t be afraid to ask – we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. No job is too big or too small, we take pretty much anything that the transfer stations will allow and even some things they don’t. Here are a few examples:

  • Locker clearouts

  • Rental unit leftovers

  • Furniture

  • Construction debris

  • Yard waste - prunings

  • Creosote treated timbers (extra charge for the distance and dumping fees)

  • Mattresses and box springs (recycling fee required)

  • Car and household batteries

  • Light bulbs

  • Drywall with asbestos (small amounts only – YES! – we’ll bag & tag it and dispose of it properly - call for quote

  • Hot tubs – YUP! -  we cut ‘em up and get ‘em gone!

  • Just about anything else that doesn't appear on the list to the right--->

We take pretty much everything you will find in a normal household and even some things you won't! Unfortunately, there are a number of items that we just can't take either due to regulations or sheer size. If you're in doubt about what to do with your junk,  just give us a call and we'll do our best to help you deal with. Meanwhile, here are a few examples of what we can't take:

  • Automobile bodies

  • Full barrels, drums, pails and other large liquid containers, 

  • Biomedical waste, including sharps

  • Boat hulls or anything similar like fiberglass forms

  • Chemicals or other materials which may create hazardous working conditions

  • Commercial loads of dry cell batteries  (Recycleable) – we DO take car batteries

  • Dead animals and/or animal parts (excluding processed meat)

  • Excrement - ALL forms

  • Explosive substances

  • Hazardous (including pathogenic and radioactive) wastes

  • Hot materials that are capable of ignition

  • Flammable materials

  • Liquid wastes and sludge

  • Soil with contamination levels exceeding those defined for Urban Park Land

  • Special wastes (As prescribed by the Environmental Management Act)

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